Yang lab highlighted in David Geffen School of Medicine’s “Neuroscience Research Theme”

[The Aging Brain]



William Yang featured in a Friends of Semel video:




The Yang lab’s latest paper, “N17 Modifies Mutant Huntingtin Nuclear Pathogenesis and Severity of Disease in HD BAC Transgenic Mice,” published in Neuron.

[UCLA Press Release]


Xiao-Hong Lu’s paper, “Targeting ATM ameliorates mutant Huntingtin toxicity in cell and animal models of Huntington’s disease” featured as a  Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

[ Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery]


 NINDS Director’s Blog highlights of NINDS-funded research discoveries in 2014 includes Nan Wang’s paper, “Neuronal targets of mutant huntingtin genetic reduction to ameliorate Huntington’s disease pathogenesis in mice.”:

[NINDS Director’s Blog]


The Most Influential Huntington’s Disease Research Paper of 2014, Huntington’s Disease Study Group/HD Insights (2014): 



The Yang lab and collaborators receive one of fifty-eight grants from the first BRAIN Initiative Award from NIH – Tools for Cells and Circuits (2014):

[NIH Announcement]   [White House Announcement]   [UCLA Press Release]   [Project Info]


William Yang on the NBC Nightly News report, “Hacking the gene code of Huntington’s Disease.”:



Video introduction of the Huntington Interactome:



William Yang’s lecture on the “Genetic Dissection of Basal Ganglia Circuitry: Novel Insights into Opiate Reward” from the Cold Spring Harbor course on the Cellular Biology of Addiction:



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